Boilerplate: /ˈboilərˌplāt/ (n.) writing that expresses a generally accepted opinion or belief.

“boilerplate” refers to the hot metal printing plates used in the typesetting of “readymade” texts, the machine that churns out standardized advertisements and ready-to-print stories. It also means computer code included in many places with little or no alteration. boilerplates are smooth, overlapping, and undercut slabs of rock. For convenience’s sake, boilerplate is many, and same.

In 2014, we took boilerplate as the name of our online and print publication. Based at Vassar College, but run independently of the administration, boilerplate was originally a space where survivors could freely share their stories. Drawing from the various definitions of the word itself, boilerplate magazine now has many permeable borders. We accept submissions of all forms. Tracing currents between human, natural and digital ecologies, boilerplate searches for that unstable ground where the what-is and the what-will-be are questioned. Our model seeks a restless mode of entanglements to uncover various intimacies; our boats are open, and we sail them for everyone.         /            @boilerplatemag

current editors:

arts & culture: simon locker and caleb mitchell (,

climate crisis: fiona bruckman (

creative: isabel drake and zaafir hasan ( ,

humor & satire: hannah witts and jake silva ( ,

politics: arham choudhry (

sex & health: keira seyd (

graphic design: harrison gable (